Imaginary Play | help your child learn

Imaginary Play | help your child learn

How Imaginary play helps your child learn


Miranda from Hartbeeps is a Children’s Speech and Language Therapist and mummy to her little boy, Noah. Hartbeeps runs award winning classes for babies, toddlers and children helping to aid learning through magical, musical adventures and imagination. 

I had planned to write a little bit about the importance of imagination play for our little ones; how through child-led play these little people’s brains develop, and they grow into independent, confident individuals, and the vast benefits associated with child-led play and music in developing creativity in our children.


The adult role in child-led play is to create a safe space, to support their play as it changes and evolves, and most importantly, without interrupting these busy little brains; to OBSERVE, WAIT,  LISTEN.

Research into child development tells us that children learn through play, through doing…be it singing, dancing, music play, dress-up, splashing in puddles, drawing and painting or playing games with their friends. These activities (and oh so many more…because let’s be honest, there is a never ending list of things that our children class as play) help our children to develop core skills needed as they grow

  • Attention
  • Listening
  • Social Skills
  • Gross & Fine Motor skills
  • Speech, Language and Communication
  • Emotional Skills
  • Numeracy & Literacy skills

hartbeeps-lincoln-lincolnshire-photography-guestblog-imaginationThis is the point, however where my focus changes…and my heart melts as I start to think about imaginary play in our house, and what it means for me as a Mummy. As I write today, my little boy, who has just turned 4 is playing around my feet. He has gathered together a whole pack of toy dogs; they are barking, talking and building a story. He has been to the pet shop to buy them…”they are real dogs, they play and they sleep and these dogs chase cats, lots of cats”. Daddy is doing as he’s told, cuddling and stroking the dogs as he is pulled into the little guy’s game. These are some of my most treasured times, when he opens up his world inviting us to join him, allowing us to create precious memories of play that we have shared as he grows and changes, because he’ll not want us to join in with his play forever.

hartbeeps-lincoln-lincolnshire-photography-guestblog2-imaginationThere will come a time when he doesn’t need a grown-up to read his favourite stories, or he no longer wants us to play knights, or to build a den in the woods, or the living room so that we can hide in it together with the teddies. Let’s make the most of these times now, whilst we still have them. Let’s nurture his imagination.

I fell in love with the concept of Hartbeeps right from the off…where else are we encouraged as grown-ups to shed our adult norms, to remember what it was like to have no worries, to get down and join our children in their play. Each week we enter a magical world of make believe and explore a different theme with our children, through dress-up, soundplay, and sensory play. The fabulous music and lighting effects all help to create an atmosphere of fun in which we are hoping that you too will spend time making treasured memories that you can hold on to; always.

If you and your child would like to join in the musical adventure, please find a list of classes here.

Alternatively contact Miranda directly for more details.

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